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Story Africa £5 Calling Card.

£ 4.50

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Story Africa £5 Calling Card.
Story Africa...happy way to call Africa.
Access : 02084971003
Support : 08451084450


Story africa phone card is available in £5, £10, £20 and £50 denominations. 

This phone card can be used from all types of phone: home, office, mobile, hotel and payphone.  But please note that if accessing from a payphone an additional charge of £0.10p per minute will apply.

Rates shown are inclusive of VAT.

All access and pin details will be available in your online account and will be sent through via email, along with the usage instructions and customer services details.

Access Details & Customer Service

Free phone access: 0800 651 1000 (All charges taken from phone card).

Local access: 0845 108 4445 (Charge from phone card and local call rate charged from phone as well. Can be used as part of inclusive minutes from a mobile; please check with provider).

National access: 0208 497 1003 (Charge from phone card and national rate charged from phone as well. Can be used as part of inclusive minutes from a mobile; please check with provider).

Customer services (queries or issues): 0845 108 4450

Charges Information
  • Daily service charge of £0.05p applies.
  • £0.01p surcharge applies with freephone access.
  • Billing is in one minute increments (rounded up to the nearest second minute).
Expiry Information

Story africa card expires 30 days on £5 card, 60 days on £10 card, 120 dats on £20 card and 180 days on £50 card. (Expiry will not apply until you connect to your first call).

Usage Instructions

1: Dial one of the access numbers provided above (use our access numbers explained page if needed to be clear on charges)

2: Listen to the welcome message and follow the instructions.

3: Enter your pin number.

4: Enter your destination number (if required you can view our country codes page to ensure you are using the right prefix code).  Some destinations may require you to miss out the first digit of the number you are dialling.

Can be used to dial from UK, Belgium, France, Ireland, Spain, Germany, USA and Italy, see below.

Rates based on use of 0845 or 020 access numbers
Calls rounded to the nearest penny, charged at 1 minute intervals.
5p daily maintenance charge. Add 1p per minute for 0800 access.
Call completion fee equal to the 0208/0161 rate applies
BT payphone surcharge 10 p per minute.
Calls to mobiles may be charged at a different rate.
£5 card expire 30 days after first use.
£10 card expire 60 days after first use.
£20 card expire 120 days after first use.
London access: 02084978888
Manchester access: 01612390020
Local access: 08451084444
Free phone access: 08006511000
Customer services 0845 108 4450

Local Access 003234003241 1p p/min surcharge
Freephone Access 003280038945
Surcharges p/min - landline 1.73p, Payphone 10.5p, Mobile 18.34p
Local Access 0033176767600 1p p/min surcharge
Freephone Access 0033805102540
Surcharges p/min - landline 1.54p, Payphone 27.1p.
Local Access 0035312476155 1p p/min surcharge
Freephone Access 00353800936263
Surcharge p/min - landline 1.4p, Payphone 13.6p, Mobile 17.69p.
Local Access 0034914149940 1p p/min surcharge
Freephone Access 0034800300840
Surcharge p/min - landline 1.71p, Payphone 5.59p, mobile 7.71p.
Local Access 00496922225290 1p p/min surcharge
Freephone Access 00498006648764
Surcharge p/min – landline 0.95p, Payphone 13.48p, Mobile 9.3p.
Local Access - None
Freephone Access 0018668844662
Surcharge p/min – landline 1.51p, Payphone 29.35p.
Local Access 0039236046777 1p p/min surcharge
Freephone Access 0039800897671
Surcharge p/min – landline 1.88p, Payphone 5.66p, Mobile 24.81p